About Andy

Andrew G. Mistler
10/22/86 – 08/07/04

Andrew G. Mistler
10/22/86 – 08/07/04

Andy & Sonja
Go to the Prom

Andrew with
Lauren & Katherin

Family Christmas 2003

Hilton Head 2000

Michael, Chad, Andy
Christmas 1988

Andy Pre-School
Christmas Play 1991

Andy Summer, 1994

Andy Mistler cared greatly about his family, friends, and school.  In August 2004, just weeks before his senior year at Dixie Heights High School, Andy lost his life in a car accident.

Andy’s intense sensitivity was evident to many of his friends. After going through his belongings after his death, we too came to realize a whole other facet of Andy when we found the above poem. This poem became a hole sponsor painting for our benefit in 2007.


This life
My life
rests in your eyes
take my hand
in the comfort of yours
together we’ll soar the skies
throw away your strife
throw away your despair
throw away your scars
come with me
embrace my heart
it’ll be just us among the stars

– Andrew Mistler

He was a caring individual that helped many by offering advice and listening to their problems. This is shown on the memory board (shown here upper right) that was filled out by family and friends at his funeral. Some of the funny and poignant sayings said a great deal about Andy’s interests, loyalty and deep compassion for others. We share some of them here in tribute.

Andrew always knew what to say to cheer you up no matter what. You were a great friend and I’ll always remember you…

Andrew was always fun to talk to. German was so much fun my Freshman year because of him. I will always miss him. Everyone who knew him loved him.

I always knew that you were a good guy, but you didn’t have long enough to prove it. All of us will miss you.

Andrew, You helped Jason pass computer programming with Mr. Duchera. He still appreciates that. We will all miss your artistic drawings on the hostess board. Your warmth will always be remembered….

Andy, you taught me it’s ok to be different…. Andrea P.S. The podium won’t be the same.

Andrew was always so nice to everyone… he was so funny and always cheered everyone up…

Andy had eyes that really looked at you. Andy had eyes that stayed with you and let you see a little bit of him.

Hey Andy, I take it all back…Goth really does rule! Uncle John

Andrew was an awesome friend. When he was around there was never a dull moment…

…I will miss all the laughs we had and I will always remember the good times in Art!

… You were so unique and I’m glad I knew you…

…I’ll miss art class with you…

Andrew was the only person i loved. He tried (always) to poke my nose.

Andy, at a real loss for words, I ‘ll never forget the nights at your house of X-box and such. Nor will I ever forget you…

Andrew, I’ll miss your smiling face at lunch!

You always knew just what to say to me to make me smile. You were a great friend to me.

Andy, we’ll never forget our years at St. Joes. I’m so glad that you were a part of our 2001 class. You were a truly unique and great person.

Andy, we’ll always remember the bracelet making extravaganza and the always enlightening eyeliner chats. We love you and we will always remember the great times we had. — Meredith + Annie. P.S. We tried to watch your 1940’s horror movies….

Andy and some of the family went to a Red’s game July 7, 2003. He wore all black and it was like a zillion degrees out so he was really hot. It was pretty funny! – Cuz TJ Mistler – You are loved and will be missed.

Andrew, I’ll always remember you on the first snow of each year because we both saw it 2 years ago at Kroger…

Andrew, you always cheered me up when I wasn’t happy at all…..

Rock & Roll Andrew.

Andrew, The podium is soooo lonely! You were always really a host!

Andrew, I’ll always remember our popcorn parties when your cousin babysat. I know you are watching over & protecting us…

Andy, you are an awesome nephew and we trust you are now watching over all of us from above!

Andrew, thank you for watching my back all the time and for taking me to my first concert ever and for buying my ticket….

…Don’t forget the concrete soccer matches…

Andrew, no matter what you are always a one of a kind man. Your heart was given out to most people instead of being inside you!

Andrew, Ich liebe dich mein freunde. Du willst lieben in mein kopf. I will miss the Math Avenger and my protector..