Signs from Above

by Michele Mistler (August, 2006)

It’s been two years since a car accident took the life of my seventeen year old son, Andy. I can’t believe it’s really been two years, it really seems like yesterday. However, I can remember the details of that week and I know I’ll never forget them.

Butterflies are special to our family because they remind us of Andy. To end his burial ceremony, 100 monarch butterflies were released into the air. It really was uplifting to see these beautiful creatures fly high into the air. Many landed on special people and then flew on their way. Perhaps because butterflies are a symbol of eternal life it provided us some joy on that difficult day.

On the anniversary of his rebirth last year, we had a day of remembrance in our backyard. Many friends and family gathered to remember Andy and to celebrate his life. Fifty monarch butterflies were released to send our love to Andy in Heaven. It was a beautiful sight and the butterflies lingered in our backyard for several weeks. Still today when we see a butterfly, it reminds us that Andy is around us always.

This year on Andy’s rebirth anniversary, I decided I was ready to visit the scene of the accident. It had taken place on a country road about an hour away from our home. I was somewhat apprehensive, but knew it was something I needed to do. My sister and brother-in-law accompanied me to the sight. In the daylight, it was a serene spot on a country road. At night, it was a dangerous winding road. My sons had placed a cross at the sight, soon after the accident. After two years, the cross was still there, along with pieces of his car. We placed some flowers and an angel by the cross. My brother-in-law offered up a prayer. My sister asked God to keep showing us signs that Andy was ok, especially through the butterflies. As I stood weeping, I kissed the cross to say goodbye. About 30 seconds later a big beautiful butterfly came out of nowhere and landed on me. It was as if it was kissing me back. As we looked around, there were no other butterflies around the area. God showed us a sign. It reinforced the fact that my son is in Heaven and is doing fine. This brings me hope that we will be together again someday.

Reprinted from the H.O.P.E. Newsletter – September 2006